Our Vision

To be the most innovative & fashionable solution provider for garment hangers with a total commitment to its quality, durability & novelty.

  Our Mission
To strive for excellence in manufacturing of garment hangers to exceed customers expectations, development of human resources, continuous improvement of research & development & to fulfill its social & corporate responsibility.

The factory and the office are located on a land surrounded by an environment of greenery with cool puff of air and unpolluted by the urban impression. It is located in Nawagamuwa, Ranala, just 08 Kilometers away from Biyagama Export Processing Zone.

Our prime objective is to enjoy a major market share focusing the local garment industry whilst enjoying a fair potential of export market.

The injection moulding are totally automated with zero defects when curing.

An established integrated quality assurance procedure is adopted for procurement of quality raw materials, manufacturing techniques, testing procedures including research & design for continued improvement of the product.   

The plant adapts & practices a modern safety measures in order to fulfill the health & safety standards & also adhere to a total recycling process for waste management in order to create a total environmental-friendly manufacturing process. 

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